About Me

I’10245455_10203330953705886_1887506722149402320_n-2ve been on the trail of my family history for more than 30 years.  In the dark ages, that meant long hours in dusty libraries whirling through microfilm and sending for records from the National Archives in Washington D.C.  The thrill of the hunt was always exhilarating but then, genealogy was largely about excruciating patience and perseverance.  Now that clues to our ancestor’s lives are literally floating through cyberspace, it’s accessible to everyone at lightning speed.  But it’s still just as thrilling as ever to add another blossom to my family tree.

I’m the mother of four extraordinary children and five awesome grandchildren.  They’ve patiently listened to my stories their entire lives.   I created TimeStepping.net because of them, but maybe you will start “timestepping” yourself….

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