In Search of Boberröhrsdorf Poland 2016

Bye Bye Boberröhrsdorf….

August 26, 2016

imageTomorrow I will be winging my way home after a most extraordinary journey of my heart and soul. If you’ve wondered where I have been, well, my computer crashed and burned with more than 3000 photos.  Nothing is lost except for timely postings. So when I arrive back home and the dust settles, I will be continuing where I left off.

I have more material and stories than I ever dreamed. I went to the church my grandfather was born, climbed to the top of medieval castle, roamed through the haunting crypts of the wealthy of old Hirschberg, discovered the love and exquisite needle artistry of my grandpa’s  baptismal shawl, explored my great grandmother’s birth city and spent many hours under the shade of the magnificent Ducal Tower in my Grandpa Henry’s home.  The Tower. The magical Tower with murals of Sir Lancelot and Guinevere to behold for climbing the wooden stairwell. And that was just in the last few days.

So I promise to return to share all of it with my family, my children, my grandchildren and anyone who is interested. Thank you for all who came with me on this journey. To John who shared every moment with such love and encouragement – Thank you for this gift. And to Przemek, Monika, Natalia, Szymone, Magda, Adam, Anna and Bascha – all wonderful new friends who have given me the gift of my family and in turn, the gift of myself.

John says I’ll be back. I hope so but until then I have memories more precious than the gold I thought I’d find in Walbryzch.  Poland is truly a land of enchantment. Resilient, proud, strong, and as beautiful as any place in the world. I’m proud my grandfather came from this land. I know where his artist’s soul was born. And to Daddy, I felt you next to me everyday. In fact, I found myself saying out loud, “This is a little bit all right, Mar-Z Ann-Z!  ”  Thank you for the many night time stories about our family which began my own curiosity.  Thank you for giving me an adventurous heart.  Ordinary families can spin the most extraordinary tales.

And so from my heart, with love from Poland.


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