In Search of Boberröhrsdorf

How on the way to my German grandfather I fell in love with Poland…

July 19, 2016

Two constants in my life were the warmth of my Dad’s encouragement and the loving nudge of my Mom to continue to learn something new everyday.  They are my own personal angels who watch over me daily with gentle grace.  But last summer when I turned off the Autostrada (Poland’s sleek version of our freeways) and drove through the breathtaking back roads of Lower Silesia, my host of angels spontaneously multiplied.  Riding shotgun in my tiny red rental car were my paternal grandfather Henry William Ludwig, and his parents Ernestine Schiller and Wilhelm Heinrich Ludwig.  And we were all heading toward a tiny fairy tale village they had left EFT behind more than 130 years ago….17237_232270462706_5003085_n (1)

Somehow I knew it would be beautiful.  My grandfather was an artist with a God-given gift.  There seems is no other explanation why a poor sawmill worker of Emmett, Idaho with no formal art schooling could create such majestic American Southwest landscapes in oils.  His work is extraordinary with incredible detail and technique.


Beautiful desert scenes of his beloved American Southwest were his signature.  But as the rolling hills of the lush Polish countryside blinded me with greens I had never seen before, I was reminded of some of his other oil paintings.  One was of an inviting woodland cottage which proudly hangs in our living room.

My Grandpa painting

These woodland paintings had always been my favorite.  They were somehow more inviting and familiar to me than his other works.  I was forever grateful when this was the painting my father gave to me.  I wondered what Grandpa’s inspiration had been.  It certainly did not look like Idaho where he had lived since immigrating to America as a toddler.  Was it from a postcard or a book?  Or was there some distant lingering memory of his distant homeland?

Within ten short miles of my destination, there seemed to be clues as the church steeples began to change form.  And as I rounded the corner, I pulled over to the side of the road.  My heart stopped when I saw a picturesque church spire I knew I had seen before.

Karen's steeple 2

I had seen it in one of Grandpa’s paintings predominantly displayed with love in the living room of my cousin Karen Ludwig Scott of Boise, Idaho.  Could this familiar little Polish church more than 5,000 miles from Emmett, Idaho be the same as the one in this painting?   I stood at the gates of this little church for a long time just gazing up at the steeple.  I took photo after photo trying in vain to hold on to this extraordinary moment.

Karen's painting by Granpa (1)

After 30 years of collecting and and logging photos, letters, taped interviews, home movies and countless ancestral charts, my journey had actually led me to this moment of complete connection.  My family history was not about the countless notebooks I had filled with facts, but rather about the very real people who lived and laughed and loved.  And I was only a few miles from another door of discovery about them and myself.  I took one last photo from my little red car within a tunnel trees.  Then along with my undeniable angels of family past surrounding me, we headed towards Boberöhrsdorf….

~To be continued~


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